Dhl Tracking

Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Dhl .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Monday 14th of June 2021 .

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  • It is one of the world’s best logistics and delivery companies having operations worldwide.
  • It has 380,000 people in 220 countries and other countries work and cross borders to letters and packages across different countries.
  • It is a leading mail and logistics group across various verticals such as freight.
  • 4100 customs expert ensure global standards are ensured with codes of behaviour across varied networks.
  • Regional and global teams ensure high quality ensure uniform and consistent service
  • Training and educational solutions are provided to experts who ship to customers.

Freight Transportation


  • It works with selected carriers with major schedules and routes.
  • DHL offers flexible products, has a global research and all products are delivered without any hassles by air freight experts of DHL.
  • Flexibility is offered in delivery choices and one can customize the air freight.
  • 700 freight experts are involved in delivering your shipment across many countries.
  • Your package receives a transit access ensuring reliable delivery to your destination

DHL LifeCon Ex

  • Implementation and change management of SOP design in case of air freight.
  • Optimisation of cold chain.
  • Temperature is controlled for sensitive goods in air freight such as pre- launch, launch and distribution strategies.


  • It provides full container loads for a flexible, efficient and low cost transportation on a global platform.
  • All kinds of commodities are tailored for various equipments and capacities.
  • The equipment is extremely quality controlled so that delivery can be streamlined.
  • Export and import from 190 countries is possible.

Temperature Controlled Loads for Ocean Freight

DHL Ocean Thermostat

  • The Ocean Thermostat designs shipments which are temperature controlled requires real time visibility and ocean monitoring in shipments.

DHL Ocean Refer Logistics

  • This logistics keeps cargo cool and safe.
  • Sensitive cargo can be shipped using this freight such as chemicals, fresh fruits, fish, chocolates, icecream and poultry which requires specific temperature and conditions of humidity which is controlled during transportation.

DHL International Supply Chain

  • Offers a consolidated access from buyers to shippers so that multiple orders from various manufacturers can be clubbed and shipped to single or multiple locations in various countries.
  • Load factors are increased and costs are reduced.
  • Origin supply chain is connected to market destination requirements.

Road Freight

Africa and Asia Road Freight

  • High quality transportation is provided to all kinds of shipments such as ( less than truck load, Part or Full Truck load shipments in transport where everything is temperature controlled and highly secured.
  • International and domestic shipments
  • Lead times which are properly defined
  • Optional cargo insurance in case of product stuck in transit or damage
  • Optional customs brokerage for international shipments
  • End to end visibility to streamline deliveries globally
  • Vehicles are dedicated to deliveries not differentiating between any kind of shipments.
  • FTL shipments are available for Africa lines
  • DHL Asia lines are available on request
  • Selected countries all over the world are available for deliveries
  • Transport solutions are available for domestic freight needs
  • Door to door services are provided for intercontinental criteria
  • Delivery time is shortened according to market
  • A wide range of value added services are provided for various deliveries
  • Cost efficient and flexible deliveries for part and full loads
  • Trucks are equipped with GPS for stable and secure monitoring and trace visibility for complete shipments
  • Regular departures for less than truck loads for international locations and offering connections which are door to door in Asia Pacific region

Rail Freight

  • Regular deliveries are done from business centres across Europe and Asia.
  • Environmental friendly alternatives are given for FCL transportation
  • Services are available for all kinds of rail freight such as containers, trailers, wagon groups and block train movements
  • Fast and secure transportation is ensured in rail freight for less than truck loads
  • Transit times are defined and reliable for rail freight
  • Schedules are pre-defined for fast and secure connections between Asia and Europe or Europe and Asia
  • Rail and multi- modal transport is provided for shipments at a cost- efficient rate
  • Environment friendly way to ship FCL products


DHL Custom Services- DHL custom brokerage services ensure deliveries of shipments across borders on time without any penalties, delays or administrative burdens.

DHL Customs Consulting - Supply chain is reviewed by consultants to help enhancement of custom activities, optimization of duties, identification of risk areas and procedures to magnify internal compliance.

Warehousing Solutions

DHL Transport Related Warehousing

Transport and warehousing is provided from a single point of contact.A wide range of activities is provided to customers such as labelling, packaging, re- packing, temperature control and documentation for deliveries.

Management Services

Enhancement of supply chain is done by management services through improvement of certain aspects. Carbon emissions can be managed which are emitted in transportation, security is increased and all other operations pertaining delivery and warehousing are optimised.

DHL Logistics Consulting

  • Supply chain of delivery management is streamlined and strategised
  • Network design is strategised

DHL Industrial Projects

  • Management of project logistics in case of oversized cargo
  • It is perfect for projects involving multi-suppliers
  • Logistics is visible and feasibility studies are included

DHl is a cost effective service for delivering and warehousing in various sectors such as industries and management solutions. It provides a notification on your phone, after it has been delivered. You can conveniently pick up and send your parcels across various channels such as oceans, road, rail and air depending on the product and destination, you need to decide. 220 selected countries are available for delivering your products on DHL. You can avail the service according to your tailored requirements. You can also send your parcels through packstation, post office or parcel boxes.

Courier Tracking in India

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