Australia Post Tracking

Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Australia Post .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Monday 14th of June 2021 .

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Australia Post

Australia Post is an organisation which runs a number of sites from mail processing sites, warehouses, offices and call centres. The classified heritage posts are 73 in number and are a part of the Commonwealth heritage list. These buildings are a part of the colonial period. The heritage portfolio is managed by Australia Post according to customer needs and requirements.

How Postcodes are assigned?

Allotments of postcodes are assigned to geographic areas to process and deliver mail to the customers. The 4 digit postcode system was introduced in 1967.

Postcode Booklet

The Postcode Booklet has a list of 10,000 place names.

Print Postage at Home for Sending a Parcel

Print labels and pay for them at home. Postage labels cost $8.95

How it Works

  • You must log into the site of Australia Post, click on the drop down list of sending and create a postal label.
  • Choose the delivery options for the parcel you want to send.
  • Attach a label, after paying and printing it.
  • Go to a Street Posing box and Post office and drop it off.

Use your own Packaging

You can use your own packaging from the Australia Post which is available online on their Website. They are available in a wide range from Domestic Post stamps, International Post stamps according to the needs of customers.

Domestic Stamps

Domestic stamps are available in booklets, sheets and rolls. Stamps are adhesive already to make it convenient for sending letters and cards from home. Stamps could be bought online and delivery is free within Australia.

International Postage Stamps

International postage stamps are available in booklets and sheets and one can attach them to parcels to other countries and make your own postage collection. Buy them now to enjoy standard delivery services across Australia.

If it Packs Posts Packaging

Items should weigh less than 5 kg within the territory of Australia and should fit inside the small, medium or large package. Postage is done on the basis of simple flat rate and is dependent on the delivery speed one chooses.


What comes into the category of if it packs, it posts?

Ans- A national flat rate of postage has been introduced for Australia Post in this category. It is eligible for packages for upto 5 kg. The size of the packaging is based on the postage you pay.

There are four it packs based on the size of packaging which are as follows:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • This list also includes Parcel Post and Express post satchels. Express Post is a new kind of packaging of if it posts kind. Other sizes of packaging are Express Post parcel boxes, a range of Australia Post boxes, bags which are kind of tough and padded kind of mailers.
  • If you know the packaging speed and cost, the packaging cost is already known for if it packs, it posts package.
  • New tiered flat rates are available for BYO packaging. If your package weighs 5 kg or under it, it can be sent anywhere in Australia on a tiered flat rate which can be based on flat based ranges.

What kind of packaging is suitable for if it packs, it posts postage?

Ans-Satchels and packaging is suitable for if it posts, it packs national flat rate kind of postage. The postage will depend on the delivery speed one chooses, the weight and the place it is supposed to be delivered.

Can anyone this kind of postage, if the item weighs more than 5 kg?

Ans-One can send items which weigh 22 kg, but it will not be eligible for if it packs, it posts packaging, the postage will depend on its actual weight, the place it is reaching and the delivery speed one can choose.

Previous Weight based – Satchel

  • Item weighing more than the maximum limit of the satchel, you would be charged at the next level of weight.
  • Item weighs 500 gm
  • Item weighs around 1 kg
  • Item weighs around 3 kg
  • Item weighs around 5 kg

New satchels of if it packs, it posts packaging

Package which weighs around 5 kg in any of these four sizes and flat rate can be paid for that size, and if it can be packed, it can be posted.

  • Small kind of satchels
  • Medium kind of satchels
  • Large kind of satchels
  • Extra large kind of satchels

What are the packaging options for if it can be packed, it can be posted?

This kind of packaging is eligible for Australia Post’s small, medium large and extra large packaging and can be sent within Australia.

The range includes the following packaging:

  • Parcel and Express post kind of satchels
  • Express Post parcel boxes
  • Australia Post has a choice of padded bags, parcel boxes and mailers

Which items can be suitable for sending through Parcel Post?

Ans- Items of upto 100$ in value can be sent through Parcel Post. Extra cover can be purchased, if items cost over 100 $. Items such as jewellery, electronics and passports cannot be shipped through parcel post as cost of items would be more than 100$.

If extra cover is not purchased and the cost of items is more than 100 $ , then compensation will be provided , if you will incur a loss.

Why a delivery estimate cannot be provided?

Ans - For some items, inspite of the address, the tracking system does not have the complete information to provide an estimated delivery date because of the following reasons:

  • The posted item is in the street post box.
  • Information provided by the sender has not been included, when the item was posted.
  • The address has not printed on the label, instead written by hand.
  • It is an international item shipped by one of the carriers.
  • A delivery estimate can still be provided, if a post code is entered.

Courier Tracking in India

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